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Sternritter until Now!


SPYAIR was interviewed by a French magazine (Asian Wave) so I translate it into English.

I tried my best to translate it but my English is not really good so if you see some mistakes and/or don’t understand something, tell me and I will try to explain! :)

Could you introduce your band to our readers?

IKE: Hello, hello! We are SPYAIR, a Japanese rock band!

Why did you choose “SPYAIR” as name band?

IKE: We felt in love with the word “SPYWARE” which sounded good. But with that, no chances to find the band on the Internet (laughter). So step by step we found “SPYAIR”.

How could you describe your music style?

IKE: “Japanese Rock”.

You did many anime themes. Are you anime fans? If so, what’s your top 3?

IKE: “Gintama”, “Dragon Ball” and “SlamDunk”!

UZ: “ONE PIECE”! Then it would be “SlamDunk” and “Uchuu Kyoudai”.

MOMIKEN: “Gintama”, “BLEACH” and “ONE PIECE”. Only mangas from ShounenJUMP! (laughter)

KENTA: “SlamDunk”, “HunterxHunter” and “BLEACH”.

What are your favorite artists? Whether it is in Japan or abroad.

IKE: The singer Inaba Koshi from “B’z”. In foreign artists, I like “KORN”.


MOMIKEN: “L’Arc~En~Ciel” and “Pleymo” (French band). Of course there are a lot of artists I like, but those that I want to listen right now, are them (laughter).

KENTA: “B’z” and “KORN”.

If you could collaborate with others artists, it will be who?

IKE: There’s a show TV called “Christmas No Yakusoku”, I would like to participate and do a duet with Kazumasa Oda!!

UZ: The singer of “Rage Against the Machine”.

MOMIKEN: Ideally, one of the two bands I talked before! But there are so many artists that I love and with whom I would like to work that I’m not able to list them…

KENTA: While there are artists whom we can “artistically” understand each other, it does not matter! It represents a challenge!

In your discography, what’s your favorite song? Why?

IKE: For me THE song who represents the band would be “Genjou Destruction” and then it’s also my favorite song.

UZ: I composed them so I like them all!

MOMIKEN: I really like all the songs, but if I would choose one in particular, it would be “Winding Road”. I really gave everything I get when I wrote the lyrics and it cannot be surpasses. In fact, I want to say, each time I write, I try to do better than “Winding Road” but I never make it!

KENTA: I like them all and I really can’t choose… but as a drummer, “Genjou Destruction” is really enjoyable to play at drums!

If you haven’t been musicians, what will you do in your life?

IKE: Maybe I would take back the familial succession, vineyard.

UZ: I never really thought about it (laughter).

MOMIKEN:  I would do pancakes (laughter)! Well I said that but it’s just in this moment I’m in “pancake-mood” and I only eat this… (laughter)

KENTA: …Good question… What would I do? (laughter). I always thought about doing drums, so apart from musician, there’s not much thing I can do…(laughter)

In December 2012, DJ ENZEL left the band. Your music style has changed?

IKE: No at all, SPYAIR is still SPYAIR!

In September, you will give your 1st concert in France for the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris Festival, do you have some apprehensions? What is your vision about France?

IKE: I can’t wait! Paris is a wonderful city that I admire and whose I dream a lot!

UZ: Same, I can’t wait! My vision about France…hmm… “It seems to be cold in Paris…” (laughter)

MOMIKEN: In fact, I’ve already been in France as a tourist! It was my first trip abroad. Alone. All alone (laughter). I visited le château de Versailles, la Tour Eiffel, le musée du Louvres, le Mont Saint-Michel and others places. This time, to give a concert in this country… It’s… just crazy! Really, I can’t explain how I feel now!

KENTA: My vision about France… food of course (laughter)! Otherwise, to give a concert in France and to meet our foreign fans, it’s really awesome. Roll on!

There are another countries you would give a concert?

IKE: Canada!

UZ: We will come to Europe, so the next time it will be in America!

MOMIKEN: If we can go somewhere and there is a public, no matter which country!

KENTA: Ditto, if we can give a concert, no matter which country!

What are your future plans?

IKE: To release a 3rd album and to give many lives!

To finish, a message for your fans?

IKE: Soon! Soon we will be able to see each other! You can’t imagine how I’m looking forward to meet you!!

UZ: Have fun together at 100% during the show!

MOMIKEN: I’m sure the language barrier will be not an obstacle! Whether it is for me or for fans, I hope we will enjoy this moment and then it will become an unforgettable memory!

Wave Team.

Asian Wave n°8.

The Sternritters until now
Bazz-B, The Heat Sternritter



This is the prologue, translated from the Chinese version. 

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Found a recent news which confirmed the real name of SPYAIR members.

IKE(Vo)       池田 英史(いけだ ひでし)—- Ikeda Hideshi

UZ(G)         中井 勇次(なかい ゆうじ)—- Nakai Yuuji

MOMIKEN(B)       籾山 憲児(もみやま けんじ)- Momiyama Kenji

KENTA(Dr)      笹部 賢太(ささべ けんた)—- Sasabe Kenta

ENZEL☆(DJ)            岩田祐介(いわた ゆうすけ)— Iwata Yuusuke

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Matsumoto Rangiku

Matsumoto Rangiku